he actually cried ):
Anonymous said: why chen?his face is so basic and he doesn't have many fans...


Well no one shoved him down your throat and told you that you have to like him no matter what.You might not like the way that he looks like but honestly for me he’s the most beautiful guy i’ve ever seen and as for the amount of his fans do you really think that i would care if they were 12 or 98623458?No i don’t give a single damn.He deserves more credit than he gets for his looks and his angelic voice for sure. Basically he deserves the whole damn world and if i could i’d have given it to him. One day you might realise what i’m talking about but for now please stop talking like that for a guy who works hard,loves and treats all his fans equally,who always tries to give us the best performance and makes us happy.

Have a nice day anon ^^

rude anon

"Sometimes you are so nice that it makes me wonder if you’re an idiot." -Chanyeol to chen 
I feel bad. I can’t count the number of smiles and happy tears you’ve brought me, all the times you sang in my ears to comfort me, and all the strength that you’ve given me through your words. I feel bad because I can’t do anything for you in return. Being so far away, all I can do is watch you from my tiny monitor and wonder how I can ever do the same because it’s not fair that you do all the work. I know it’s hard sometimes, it’s not fair that you’re always there for me and I’m not there for you. From your dumb laughs to your random acts of kindness (like how you’re always there when someone cries), you’re always so nice and I want you to know how much I…no…we love you. I want to repay you for all the happiness that you’ve brought me. I hope that this project, however small, will make you smile and realize how precious your beautiful and ear piercing laugh is to us, and I hope that it reflects the kindness that you’ve always shown us. Kim Jongdae, to me you’re EXO’s best dancer!!! We love you! 
I hope you like it.
EXO’s 2014 Chen Charity Birthday Project  ♥ Details 

exo : gyahahahahhahahahahahahaa~ [laugh idiotically]

luhan : chen-ah, saranghae~

exo : waaaaaaaaa~ [cheer]

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